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Welcome to to today’s edition of the Forward Thinking Daily. In the Forward Thinking Daily, we dive into all the notable startup news that happened in the last day!

Bulletin Soft Launches

Brandon Jacoby launches Bulletin, which is a community-driven local news publication. According to his Tweet, this is why Bulletin exists”

“Consuming the news shouldn't include getting information from people you've never heard of — or worse — don't trust. Bulletin will be entirely community-driven, and we're starting by opening up applications for writers.”

This is a topic that many people have been looking for, and is likely pretty investable.

Check out Bulletin Today

Deel Raises Their Series B!

Deel raises their $30M from Spark Capital. This is significant because we had their CEO, Alex Bouaziz, on Forward Thinking Founders before they raised their series A! Listen to the episode here and listen to the genius that is Alex! It’s rare to catch a founder that finds this type of success at a point this early, so listen in and learn something! :)

Listen to the episode with Alex here

HYP is getting hyped on Twitter

HYP is testing out their social bidding platform, and it seems to be working quite well as far as Twitter is concerned. What makes us say that is that when we see it on our newsfeed, the items are always in the tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t just take our word for it…

Check out HYP here

Amy Sun leaves Sequoia Capital to start a company

Former Sequoia Capital partner, Amy Sun, announces on Twitter that she is moving to the other side of the table and building a company. She included a blog post in her Twitter announcement, but didn’t disclose many details of the new company. But she wants to build for the “new normal”. Smart move!

Read Her Announcement

Craig Cannon Starts a a Company in the Podcast Snippet Space

Craig Cannon, who you may know from Y Combinator’s podcast, has gone out to start a company of his own called Nugget. It’s hard to tell exactly what it is (as it’s pre launch), but it is surely in the podcasting snippet space. The Nugget Youtube channel has snippets of audio from the likes of Keith Rabois, Michael Seibel, and others.

Check out their Youtube Channel

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