Product Hunt Roundup (Week of July 6th, 2020)

Newsletters, Spacial Rooms, and Dropping Bags

For those who don’t want to scan every product launch of Product Hunt, don’t worry. I do, and I include the most interesting potential venture scale startups here, with bullets on why I think they could be be big.

Top 3 potential venture scale products

Mailbrew - Bundle your newsletters (and tons more) in a single email digest 📩

  • The element that attracted me most to Mailbrew is that is covered way more than subscriptions. Pretty much, it allows you to create digests of any source of information from anywhere you get it. RSS. Twitter. Reddit. This is very powerful

  • In a firehose content world, Mailbrew lets you create your own signal. We are in a state of over information and it will take effort on the consumer’s end to organize their information. Mailbrew is the tool to make this easier.

  • Everyone and their mom is starting a newsletter right now. We are having a moment for creators, and I think Mailbrew is positioned to be “the signal” company to organize all the activity on a macro level. Very important job to fill

High Fidelity- An audio space that mimics real life

  • People are craving human interaction right now but events aren’t happening due to COVID. High Fidelity creates well done online virtual rooms that you can navigate around, as if you were there.

  • They are framing it as a community tool. “Get your space today”. Community is VERY in right now, but many tools are too similar in features. High Fidelity gives creators a very innovative platform to solve a growing need. Huge potential.

  • I need to give credit when I see an extremely well done website. High Fidelity’s site is clean, straightforward, and even fun to scroll down. This is how it should be for the type of product they are building.

Bagsort  - Drop off your bags and belongings in certified shops & hotel for just $5.95/day/item.

  • Although this sounds like a niche problem, I would have used Bagsort many times during past travels if it existed. It’s one of those problems we don’t think of as problems because we just live with the current solution.

  • As more people start to make their living from the internet, I think travel on a macro level will have an uptick. I think the digital nomad movement will grow even faster in a remote world. And due to this, easy luggage storage will be a key solution for these people.

  • I get Airbnb vibes with this app. I don’t 100% get the app, I’m not sure why i’m even listing it here, yet I can jump to a world where this is a $10B company. It’s just weird enough to get to the point where, if it works, it could be giant. It’s one of THOSE companies.

Honorable mentions

Luau - The first shopping app to show the environmental impact of individual products, currently, based on each product's material composition.

Keyring - Safely share subscriptions.

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