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Floodgate Creates a Course On Building Breakthroughs

Floodgate unveiled their new course yesterday, Building Breakthroughs. The goal of the course is to help more people find and help breakout companies. If you’re a founder or investor, this can be useful to you. Floodgate is a tier one VC firm based in the bay area, who has funded the likes of Lyft, Weebly, AirGarage, and more. Mike Maples is one of the best investors out there, so anyone looking to break into venture should consider taking this course.

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Anduril unveils new premium drone

Palmer Luckey and team at Anduril unveils a new drone called Ghost 4. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and is silent. What’s most interesting is that it can fly 100 minutes, which dwarfs any DJI drone. And of course, it’s autonomous. If drones like Ghost can be built for our military, maybe similar quality drones can be built for consumers too. Palmer Luckey was the founder of Oculus, but left after it got acquired by Facebook for $2B.

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Icebreaker, a New Breakout Startup, Is Hiring

Icebreaker, a quickly growing Zoom replacement for recreational videochats, is hiring for a community success manager. Icebreaker had found success by going deeper on the fun elements of videochats. I think this will be a big company in the next 3-5 years, and I would suggest anybody trying to break into tech look into this role!

(No one paid me to write this, I actually think this company will be huge)

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Apply for Remote Demo Day

Jason Calacanis and the LAUNCH team are looking for startups to invest $500,000 into through their syndicate. There is a very easy, video-first format, and by pitching, you get exposure to to hundreds of investors at once. Jason has invested in Uber, Robinhood, Calm, and others. You can bet this is a great opportunity for a founder looking to fill in their seed round!

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Andrew Wilkinson is Building a Superhuman Competitor

Andrew hinted to a new product called Mailman on Twitter. According to their bio, “Your inbox, tamed. Beta open now. Request an invite. “ This comes at an interesting time, as Superhuman has solidified its place in the tech market, and HEY just having come off the launch of their email client. Andrew is the founder of Tiny, a venture builder and investor.

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Y Combinator goes remote for Winter 2021 cohort

After YC’s first fully remote cohort, they are doubling down on remote YC and are doing it again for the next batch. This comes after a successful S20 batch with a fantastic virtual demo day, which many investors raved about on Twitter. Y Combinator is the pre-seed and seed startup investing firm/accelerator who invests small checks into a ton of startups like Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, every year.

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